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    Is the humidity produced by environmental air conditioning h

    Often customers have such a problem: the use of environmental air conditioning generated by the humidity is not very large? Does regular blowing of this wind have an impact on health? Is it easy to get rheumatism? So when introducing the working principle of environmental air conditioning to some new customers, they often let them talk about "wet" color change, as if humidity is a monster of floods. So is humidity really that terrible? Does the use of air conditioners affect human health? The answer is that the air cooler will not have any negative impact on people, on the contrary, the air cooler has a positive impact on people.

    Environmental air conditioning, its cooling principle is water through evaporation to take away the surrounding heat to achieve. When the outside air enters the interior of the environmental protection air conditioner, most of its heat is absorbed by the evaporation of the cooling water curtain after cooling water curtain. The cold fresh air then sends the cooled air into the room through the air supply system of environmental protection air conditioning to achieve the goal of cooling.

    Good quality environmental air conditioning uses 5090 wet curtain with evaporation efficiency of 86%. Under normal ventilation, the ambient humidity will increase about 10-15%. In the non-plum rain season in summer, the average temperature is about 35 degrees and the average humidity is about 56%. This climate is very suitable for the use of cold blowers. Under the above meteorological conditions, the outlet temperature is about 26-28 degrees. It's comfortable to blow on a person's body.

    Scientific research shows that 75% relative humidity is the most suitable for human beings. The humidity in the south of the Yangtze River is higher than that in the northwest of China, but it is not as big as that in the southwest of Guizhou and Chongqing. Suitable temperature and humidity environment, make the skin texture here tender and smooth, white and lustrous. So since ancient times, there have been beautiful women in the south of the Yangtze River. It can be seen that the added value of ambient humidity in the use of air coolers can just adjust the air humidity. Of course, it will not affect human health. So we should correctly look at the influence of humidity on people. We can think: fishermen fishing at sea every day, the humidity is much higher than on land, whether fishermen have rheumatism? It sounds ridiculous, but in fact, people's traditional ideas exaggerate and distort the humidity of environmental air conditioning. The so-called humidity of the cold air fan makes people susceptible to rheumatism is a misunderstanding!



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