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    Cleaning Technology for Evaporator of Main Condenser of Cent-Company news-東莞市良宇機電工程有限公司

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    Cleaning Technology for Evaporator of Main Condenser of Cent

    The condenser of central air conditioning is very easy to scale. It should be treated in daily water during the cooling period in summer. Otherwise, inorganic salts dissolved in water in circulating water system will crystallize with the increase of temperature and form scales on the tube wall of the heat exchange surface of the condenser, which will lead to the decrease of heat exchange efficiency. At the same time, the energy consumption will increase with the increase of hard scale. When the scale is 1 mm thick, the energy consumption will increase by 6-10. Because the soil, sediment and humus of water form dirt, together with biological slime formed by bacteria, algae and other microorganisms and their secretions, it will adhere to the heat exchanger wall of the condenser to form dirt, which will cause pipeline blockage in serious cases; and dirt and slime will affect the heat exchange efficiency, and consume more electricity, and make the pipeline blocked. High-pressure operation results in over-pressure shutdown in severe cases. All these seriously affect the normal operation of the condenser. Condenser cleaning is divided into physical cleaning and chemical cleaning. Physical cleaning generally uses high-pressure water jet to clean out the dirt of the condenser copper pipe. If the scaling is hard scale, chemical cleaning should be carried out, and physical methods can not remove the scale. In order to optimize the operation of the condenser, it is necessary to carry out special chemical treatment of the condenser, remove scale, rust, sticky mud, sterilization and anti-corrosion treatment, and reduce it to a clean metal surface. Cleaning process such as: 1. Close the valve of the cooling water in and out of the condenser, connect the anticorrosive pump and the liquid distribution box with the thermometer tube, pressure gauge tube or sewage pipe, and make a small circulation system for circulating cleaning. 2. First, acid pickling inhibitor is added, which is a special copper inhibitor. It is attached to the metal inner wall of the condenser to prevent acid and metal from reacting. 3. Adding solid acid cleaning agent to clean the scales with calcium carbonate as the main component. The cleaning agent is compound solid organic acid, white crystal, non-corrosive to metal and weak acid. The amount of cleaning agent depends on the scaling amount of equipment. 4. Adding scale peeling agent (optional). If the equipment of condenser scales thicker, it is necessary to add scale peeling agent to promote the rapid dissolution of products after scale reaction in water, accelerate deep scale reaction 5, add neutralizing passivator, after chemical cleaning of condenser, neutralize residual acid, and prevent metal surface from oxidizing to form secondary floating rust. 6. Cleaning process: A. Cleaning temperature: Normal temperature cleaning is generally used. If the scaling is thicker, it can be cleaned at 40 ~50 ~C to improve the cleaning speed. B. Close the valve of the outgoing unit, and use pressure gauge or thermometer tube, anti-corrosion pump and acid tank to form a cleaning circulation system. Inhibitors are first added to the cleaning process. Organic acids are slowly added after uniform circulation of the inhibitors. Reaction should be detected regularly in the cleaning process. When the cleaning agent is insufficient, it should be supplemented to ensure sufficient acid and scale reactions. According to scale reactions in the cleaning process, appropriate amount of scale stripping agent and defoamer can be added. C. After cleaning, the residual liquid should be discharged and rinsed with clean water. D. After cleaning the condenser, it is necessary to add neutralizing passivator to neutralize residual acid in order to prevent oxidation of metal inner wall. E. The cleaning time of the condenser is about 5 to 10 hours, depending on the actual situation.


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