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BMW Ultimate Driving Experience

"I wasn't sure what to expect test driving electric vehicles for the first time but it was completely exhilarating and the experience left me speechless. What truly made it worthwhile was the instructors who were there, the information they gave, and the critiquing/advice was phenomenal. It gives you complete confidence and knowledge of things that you never truly knew and they help you push the limits and give you confidence!"
– Los Angeles #1 Attendee 2022
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BMW M Track Days

“You have assembled a remarkable team - without exception, everyone involved was courteous and professional. Well done! Of special note, Jasmin was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, Lea offered very helpful driving tips, and Wiley went above and beyond in accommodating my friend and I to allow us to test drive an i7. ”
– Sonoma Attendee 2022
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